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Now you can buy the construction plans and 3D models of 36 different portable miniature golf lanes approved by the World Minigolf Federation. All come in one handy 27p PDF file for only $99 Inc.(Ohio,USA) is an authorized retailer for goods and services provided by Backyard Minigolf Ltd.

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If you are looking to build small portable miniature golf for home or fundraising, the following plans are for you. They contains 9 holes that can be build very easily and inexpensively. The price is only $37 Inc. (Ohio, USA) is a payment facilitator for goods and services provided by Backyard Minigolf Ltd.



Our miniature golf courses are mobile, without special handling. They are durable, easy to assemble, light weight, can be used indoors or out, and will have a long life and a good resale value. The required area to set up a 6 hole minigolf course is only 60 sq. m.

A complete 9 hole portable mini golf course can be set on 100 sq. m.

Our courses can be set up  or removed in 30 minutes or less by 2 people without any tools and can be used almost anywhere indoors or outdoors.

The portability of our mini golf courses gives you the flexibility you need to maximize the returns you want on your investment!  Our portable mini golf courses can be used by Campgrounds, Parks, Hotels, Rentals Companies, Trade Shows, and more! For birthdays, corporate functions, promotional events, fund raising, guest entertainment, etc

The price of 6 hole minigolf course is only EUR 4800 plus shipping costs.

9 hole mini golf course cost EUR 7 200  and 18 hole complete portable minigolf course is only EUR 14 400 plus shipping expenses.

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