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Learn Miniature Golf Trade Secrets for Just $27 More

It’s So Simple to Make Money with MiniGolf Cheaply and Efficiently…

..When You Benefit from the Exclusive Insider Tips that We Provide

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More than just the World’s Best MiniGolf Course Plans

We are not only offering our unique cad-based plans for an amazing limited-time offer of $39. We want you to succeed in your Miniature Golf Business too. Our Ultimate 3 Miniature Golf Guides Pack sells at cost for just $27. When you order it as well, you get not one but three sets of essential information that our competition sometimes sells for many dollars more. Buy our Guides, and chart your course ahead for even more profit.


Exclusive Trade Secrets Just for You

For that incredibly low price, you get our exclusive:

o How to Build your MiniGolf Course for Maximum Efficiency

o How to Own and Operate a Miniature Golf Business

o Staying on Top – Remain the Local Champion

How is that for extra value? Could you want anything more?


Even Better Benefits

When you buy our comprehensive plans, you not only get access to our 25 unique MiniGolf Holes in several attractive layout settings, printable auto cad files and a complete business-in-a-box that puts you in a position to start making money right away. You also have the opportunity to benefit from our own experience that puts you in a position instantly that others take decades to learn. This is what you could gain for just $27 more than you could make back in one hour:

o Businesses Secrets – Getting started quickly, business planning secrets, keeping account of money, managing staff for profit

o Trade Secrets – Choosing the right location, designing for profit, making even more money with add-on offerings, fencing, and general safety

o Things Professionals Know – Looking the part, placing the ball, striking for greatest effect, putting for perfection


Stay on Top of Your Game

When you know these trade secrets you not only optimize your profits. You also maintain your position as course pro. Just think how much more money you could make at $15 per hour coaching individuals using the knowledge that cost you just $27 to buy.

It’s So Simple to Operate a Profitable MiniGolf Business Cheaply …

…..Why not Contact Us and Begin Yours Today


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